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About Branding

Branding videos for local companies or self employed individuals really helps build the brand up with high quality video content to grab the viewers attention. We craft each video custom made according to the original idea from the business into a real life video that can be viewed on any platform anywhere in the world 

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Branding Videos

Cure Studio

Cure is a local facial studio who specializes in skin care as well as eyebrows. This video was created to help promote the local company. 

Lincoln City

This is a YouTube channel I helped create for Lincoln and he likes to do toy reviews as well as mini vlogs of all the fun things he gets to do.


David Peganov is a salesman at a Lexus dealership and asked meto help him create a few videos for his social media.

Great photography depth of feeling

Final Cut
Studio Photography
Motion Video

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us – even if you just need some advice, we’re happy to assist you. Send us your event date & location for an exact quote.

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