Russ Fedorov Films

I want to share how I started with my business and my history as a content creator. To start off, just like any other kid I used to make dumb dorky YouTube video with my cousins at an early age. We would make comedy skits that were all inspired by The Office. Once we matured and grew up we decided to stop because it was embarrassing but I always had cameras and videos in the back of my mind.

In high school I took 3 film making classes and I absolutely loved it! I was my teacher’s favorite student because I had a true passion for film making and being creative in this space. This is when I realized I wanted to make a living off of film making but I didn’t really know how I was going to do that. I graduated high school knowing learning a ton about how to create films although it wasn’t enough so my teacher landed me an internship at Hamilton Studio in Spokane Washington for the whole summer which was 3 months. I was there 20 hours a week just soaking in as much information as I could and to be honest this is where I learned the majority of the skills I have today.

Later that year I started college at Spokane Falls Community College in film making but all my classes were photography which was to learn the basics of cameras and how light works. I learned Photoshop in depth as well as Lightroom which became incredibly useful later in my life. I am the type of person to not really like school so I didn’t take it seriously. I started working full time while still in school and my grades started to drop. I decided to simply drop school and work full time while starting my own video business in Spokane. I had absolutely no idea how I was supposed to make money doing this but I knew I would figure it out somehow. I then payed $800 for an online coarse called Fulltime Filmmaker and it promised me I would take those skills and grow a successful business with my camera. So I flew through the coarse and realized how much money was in this industry. I started telling people about my goals and began doing work for free to grow my portfolio. I filmed weddings, small business advertisements, YouTube videos and Real Estate.

fast forward to today, it took me about 4 years but I was finally able to go fulltime with my business. Now I am working with the most successful real estate team in Spokane and branching off to film and photograph listing in Idaho. I am helping create a kids YouTube channel, I contract for Complete Weddings and Events as a wedding videographer, I film about 12 of my own weddings per year, I create cinematic corporate videos for local small businesses, I film music videos with my friend from high school and I do have my own YouTube channel but truth be told I’m kind of slacking on uploading so I definitely need to get back in that game.

So that being said I am very glad and thankful for everything God has given me and all the blessings I’ve received from him. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you for reading my story and I hope this inspired you in some way to take action in your life!

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