Russ Fedorov Films

So what is Russ Fedorov Films and what do we believe in? Well to start off it’s actually just me so far. I do plan to grow the business and have team members that I can provide income for but for now I’m doing mostly everything myself. I do have a real estate photo editor across seas who can edit for me while I sleep to help increase my turnaround times for my agents because that is very important to them. I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ so I do my best to serve others with my skills and talents by being fair, honest and hard working. I do my best to make each client happy and satisfied with my work even if that means I have to redo the video or make changes. My goal is to grow my clients businesses and companies or capture a memory that will last a lifetime.

This was a super short post but I thank you for reading and learning more about me!

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